Internatio​nal Conference on Marketing - Challengin​g Environmen​t (ICOM 2013)

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International Conference on Marketing - Challenging Environment (ICOM 2013)
19- 20 February 2013
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

ICOM 2013, is unique among all other research Conferences. This Conference will provide greater flat form to everyone to share their knowledge and get updates about nature of current marketing challengers, practical & theoretical changes. The environment creates many opportunities for marketers; creation of new services that exploit its power, new mechanisms for promotion and marketing tactics, and new channels for building relationships with suppliers, business partners, channel members and customers. Indeed, the exploration of these positive elements associated with the integration of environment, marketing strategy represents potentially valuable contributions to marketing research. The study of Marketing for challenging environment; welcome for papers, encourage submissions regarding emerging markets that develop theory, identify and address shortcomings in the generalizability of widely-accepted theory or findings, highlight unexamined or under-researched topics.

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